Brenda Bakke Stars In The Kinkiest Film on Tubi

Brenda Bakke Stars In The Kinkiest Film on Tubi

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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: October 21, 2022 ( FreeStyle Digital Media recently announced the re-release of the 90's sexy drama “TWOGETHER” for HD internet streaming and download on many of the leading digital streaming platforms. In 1995 Sony Pictures Entertainment first released “TWOGETHER,” which at the time, shocked audiences all over the world. Showcasing Jeremy Piven (“Entourage”) as Arnie, “TWOGETHER” follows the story of a sexy couple who lose themselves in a weekend of untamed, adventurous, exciting, naughty sex.

“In many ways, “TWOGETHER” is timelier today than when it was first released,” comments Writer/Director Andrew Chiaramonte. “Casual sex leading nowhere is a sign of the time; another 'drug' of sorts to help distance oneself from the harsh reality of today's world.”

Produced by Emmett Alston and directed by Andrew Chiaramonte, the movie stars Nick Cassavetes (“Hangover II,” director of “Notebook”), Brenda Bakke (“Hot Shots! Part Deux”), Jeremy Piven (“Mr Selfridge”) and Jim Beaver (“Supernatural”).

"People will identify with the film." - NICKI GOLDSTEIN, ABC-TV

John Madler (Nick Cassavetes) is an ambitious, volatile, struggling artist who believes in the liberty of creative expression who forms a potent fascination to Allison McKenzie (Brenda Bakke) a wealthy woman from Bel Air who seems to be searching for an escape from her daily life. After the couple get together at an painting convention, it's lust instantly, and almost nothing can keep them from rushing out of town to Las Vegas along side each other for what turns into an outrageous instance of naughty sexual intimacy and intoxication - an isolated holiday weekend in which they surrendered their own lust for each other and their affections free of restraint. Nevertheless love get entangled, their partnership fabricated upon lovemaking starts to evolve in to something uncontrolled. “TWOGETHER” is centered on a snapshot belonging to the romance between two people; a good example of how people can potentially seek out one another even when they should not, but they can make it succeed regardless if the bond is definitely not deserving of it.

“TWOGETHER” is now available for rent or purchase - immediate download on:


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The film is distributed by FreeStyle Digital Media and is unrated.

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Producer of "Black Adam" Talks About Having Henry Cavill Return as Superman: "He's The Greatest Ever"

If you're a fan of Henry Cavill's take on Superman, you're fortunate at the moment. Zack Snyder's Justice League (streamable with the HBO Max monthly subscription) last year featured the very first video footage Henry Cavill picture for your film, but it was over one half a decade ever since the actor got carried out in the DC Extensive Universe, using the Man of Stainlesss steel becoming pictured with a physique twice in Shazam! along with the period limit in the Peacemaker. After that up was Black color Adam, and Superman produced an look through the credits. Based on the Kryptonian superhero, CinemaBlend spoke with Black colored Adam maker Hiram Garcia, who gushed about taking care of the sequel to Man of Metallic and how he was privileged to support keep on the story of Henry Cavill's Superman, that he named "the ideal actually."

Throughout the Dark Adam click rounds, Hiram Garcia advised our very own Sean O'Connell that he or she and fellow Seven Money Productions co-founder Dany Garcia put in the better a part of six yrs lobbying to have Henry Cavill cast within the motion picture. For years, Dany Garcia has overseen both Johnson and Cavill's professions, therefore she was critical for making this occur. Once the time got to video Black colored Adam's appearance as Superman, director Hiram Garcia recalled utilizing Henry Cavill from the outfit once more, expressing:

Meeting Henry in London and filming that series together is undoubtedly an expertise I'll never forget. I remember laughing once i initially set eyeballs on him within the attire. It absolutely was a understanding occasion of my professional life I purchased in touch with Dany and DJ straight away afterwards, and also the three of us have been overjoyed to be there. It absolutely was an extended and difficult method to have him on screen and protected the essential permissions. And, as we know, he truly is our generation's Superman. It's arguable that he's the best of all time. And it's instantly apparent when he shows up on movie. Just the fact that we were able to consist of it in the film and have the possiblity to carry on the Superman saga is definitely an honor in and also of by itself.

Superman flies into Kahndaq after Viola Davis's Amanda Waller informs Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's figure that she can call in a favor from someone not with this world to handle him, which makes this Henry Cavill's 7th DCEU cameo in the event you look at both variations of Proper rights League. Virtually a decade have approved since Cavill manufactured his very first as Superman in Guy of Steel, but Hiram Garcia still thought it was interesting to view the actor back costume together with the iconic cape and 'S' emblem together with the release of Black color Adam.

Hiram Garcia isn't alone in thinking that Henry Cavill is that this generation's Superman, or else the definitive stay-measures portrayal of your character. Nonetheless, Tyler Hoechlin is likewise portraying Superman in stay-activity currently, in The CW range Superman & Lois. The manufacturer was thrilled to get a palm in reuniting the actor with all the DCEU, and a lot more in order to see the actor's come back to the position of Superman. Garcia and others happen to be working to ensure that Cavill's Black colored Adam look wasn't an remote incident.

Superman's brief look in Black colored Adam was "simply a almost no preference of points to arrive," actor Henry Cavill explained on social websites on Monday, under a 7 days after reports come up that Warner Bros. is hoping to place the Man of Metal back in the leading edge inside the DC Expanded Universe. Obviously we have been approaching the next period of his Gentleman of Stainlesss steel career, nevertheless whether it happens in the Black Adam compared to. Superman struggle that this Rock and roll has been forecasting or any other standalone Superman motion picture first stays to be noticed. Superman has been rebooted by Ta-Nehisi Coates and J.J. Abrams, but what this means for Cavill's comeback as Kal-ElClark Kent is up inside the air flow. Abrams.

Have a look at our forthcoming DC movie guideline while we wait around for further information about Henry Cavill's Superman. This timetable has Shazam! as the next access. The March 2023 launch of "Fury of the Gods" in theaters.

Henry Cavill has confirmed his comeback as Superman, saying, "I Am Back as Superman."

Adhering to his look from the article-credits pattern of "Dark Adam," in which he enjoyed the role of Superman, Henry Cavill released on social media on Monday he is "back again as Superman." The film had a profitable starting few days, grossing $ mil globally on Friday.

Within a movie on his funnel, Cavill clarifies why he anxiously waited until after the weekend break to upload the recording: "I needed to hold back up until the weekend break was over just before issuing this simply because I needed to offer you all the chance to see 'Black Adam. I know most of you are aware this, having said that i just wished to officially broadcast it: I am just once again Superman.

The video features a photo of Cavill within his Superman costume, undertaken by "Black color Adam" company Hiram Garcia, and Cavill says that this can be "merely a small flavor of items to appear." The -calendar year-aged actor did not supply further information, but he managed say thanks to the followers for cozy reception of his profit as being the previous boy of Krypton.

Cavill conveyed appreciation towards the viewers for their "support and determination." You will acquire the huge benefits, I promise.

Superman's very long-anticipated get back to the DC World continues to be the main topic of supporter conjecture, cameos, and rumours for many years, and also this revelation confirms those ideas. Dwayne Johnson, in marketing his photo in the latest several weeks, has been specifically speaking about a possible clash involving his antihero Black color Adam and Cavill's Superman.

Because his debut in practically ten years ago in "Guy of Stainlesss steel," Cavill has enjoyed Superman only a few periods, which includes in "Batman v Superman: Daybreak of Proper rights," "Proper rights League," "Zack Snyder's Justice League," plus a simple submit-credits cameo in "Black colored Adam." Superman also appeared following "Shazam!"

When Cavill was really a solid contender for that portion, he was ultimately eliminated from contention.

Many visitors believed Cavill came to be to play Superman due to his otherworldly visual appearance and extraordinary body. However, each community appearance he created as Superman was satisfied with critique. While many Superman enthusiasts highly regarded filmmaker Zack Snyder's emotionally complex and ethically ambiguous undertake the type, other people experienced it happened to run counter for the character's continuous attractiveness.

Cavill was perpetually inside the thick from the turmoil. Actor Henry Cavill was effectively abandoned by Warner Bros. right after Zack Snyder's programs for the DC Cinematic Universe, which centered on Cavill's Superman, had been scrapped. However, the actor has created no magic formula of his desire to keep on donning Superman's tights and